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Green Bitcoin Mining Farms in Africa.

Introducing Africas Biggest Crypto Mining Farm, Powered By Renewable Energy.

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Low-cost Green Energy

We'll benefit from investment in Africa's significant green energy potential; mining cryptocurrencies in a environmentally sustainable way.

Partnerships with Key Players

Engagement with industry leading experts in hardware supply and firmware configuration will ensure efficient operations & maximum profits for stakeholders.

Minimal Operational Costs

Operational costs will be kept below 10%, ensuring investors recieve maximum yields proportional to investment.


Long Term Energy Contracts

To ensure the mining operations are sustainable & cost efficient, we are negotiating long-term renewable power supply contracts - one of the key factors for a successful mining farm.


Economies Of Scale

In the competitive crypto mining space, access to up-to-date hardware capacity is as critical as access to low-cost energy. We've established partnerships with mining hardware manufacturers and will benefit from our bulk purchasing power to negotiate the best deals possible in the market.


Empowering local communities

Our equity crowdfund will be promoted to investors in the regions we serve and bring employment and training opportunities to the local areas.

Key Benefits & Solutions

Project Management

We are a team of mining, network, programmers and project managers. Our combined decades of experience include senior positions in companies across the globe.

Increased Efficiency

We'll have a combination of 1500 ASIC & GPU miners with custom firmware to ensure maximum performance.


Minimal operational costs, ensuring investors receive fair weekly payments proportional to investment.

Our Team

Will R.

Will has over 20 years experience in the technology sector, previously employed by an international motor vehicle manufacturer and big four consultancy firm. He has managed many technology implementation projects and has mined crypto's since 2016.

Shad B.

Shad has a vast variety of both technical and client management experience. He's a senior programmer in several languages with over 20 years experience for many of the household big tech firms. A blockchain enthusiast who has been in the crypto space since 2016.

Fari F.

Fari is a network & security expert. 25 years + experience in managing large scale tech projects & the delivery of service and process improvement for Fortune 500 companies in the tech and communications sector.

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